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respecting your moments

Learning to live in the moment It’s tough With each passing second we spend most of our time thinking about the next You know Those moments Where time and space fade away and you’re just here  It happens randomly A song makes the world disappear and it’s all that exist for those minutes  Or yourContinue reading “respecting your moments”

a remarkable craving

I have this remarkable craving It’s one that I’ve had my whole life . There have been years where I spend my life soaking inside the craving Allowing myself to inhale each part of its enchantment Literally, spending all of my time breathing through it . There have also been years where I run awayContinue reading “a remarkable craving”

dancing in the rain

I remember the long car rides as a kid Where the rain was pouring down so hard Seeing anything at all was nearly impossible This heavy rain used to make my anxiety spark to life What happens if it never stops? How will I survive if it keeps coming down forever? So for however longContinue reading “dancing in the rain”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Kelsi. I have been writing to feel safe since I was a kid. This website is a bunch of my words come to life in a prettier way (you could say). This is my safe place. I hope you stay awhile.

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