Merry Christmas! I know most of you have better things to do than read my blog today. I’m only posting because I promised myself I would everyday— but I’ll make it short. Now, that being said… Today I got a wake-up call. I was reminded how fast things can change.

Nothing lasts forever— we all know that. Most people don’t really think about the idea of forever until it’s thrown in their face. Things can literally change in the blink of an eye. Turn your head for one-second and your entire life can change. You are driving in your car, someone runs a red light and smashes into you; you’re now paralyzed. Never in your dreams did you imagine waking up and walking to your car, only to be rolled into the emergency room hours later.

You fall in love with someone, like really in love. You think this is it. You are going to spend the rest of your life with this person. Out of nowhere they come to you and say they don’t feel the same anymore. Or, out of nowhere you realize you don’t feel the same for them anymore.

These kinds of things aren’t ones we count on— they just happen. They aren’t always bad either. There are plenty of good blink-of-an-eye changes that happen daily to people: being with someone, and the moment you realize you love them; this is a good one because after that moment the rest of your life will be forever changed— regardless if the ultimate outcome is bad or good.

It’s not a bad thing that we don’t think about the idea of forever on a daily basis. We aren’t programmed to. We feel like we shouldn’t have to. I mean who would, that’s such a deep and sometimes dark subject. It takes a lot of brain power to really grasp the idea. I don’t know if anyone really has grasped it.

So my wish for you today on Christmas is to look around you. Look at the people you love. If you can’t be with those people today… Still, look around and understand that these things won’t last forever. Understand that with every passing second, something could change. Understand that all of the loving moments are moments that you must cherish. The people you have around you will not be with you forever. Even the pain you have around you, that won’t be there forever either. Nothing is forever.

Take the good moments that you have and hold onto them tightly. Take the bad moments and push through them with the knowledge that good is on its way to you. Don’t let anything keep you down, but also remember not to ever let yourself get so far up, that when something bad does finally happen, it takes you lower than you’ve ever been before.

Try not to live your life worried about the next moment. Whatever happens, will happen. Do what you can in this moment to help make the outcome of the next as good as it can be.


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