dear 2017 me,

Dear 2017 me,

You still have yet to happen. The days ahead are full of mystery and can be whatever you make of them. Don’t take these next twelve-months for granted. Don’t allow yourself to mope around and wait for life to make something happen for you. You must make life happen for you. After last year, you have realized many things. The big one being that you are stronger than you ever thought possible.

This year you must use that strength to your advantage. Set goals, work towards them. Put pressure on yourself— but not too much. Force yourself to stand taller than you ever have before. The world has shown you its power to make bad things happen; now, show the world your power to be a light within this darkness.

When things start to go bad again—they will, I promise— don’t run and hide. Don’t allow the unknown to block your vision of the light that’s at the end of the tunnel. Face whatever is thrown at you head on— time is of the essence.

Go after whatever you may think you want this year. Stop questioning yourself. If things don’t work, then you now know, and don’t have to waste anymore time wondering. This is your year to conquer your fears and move on with your life— at least take the first step.

Also, some people really suck. They carry heaps of negative energy which is going to want to latch itself onto you. The positive energy you now own may not be strong enough to keep this negativity away. So you must use your heart and your brain together in order to fight it away— together, they are unstoppable. You no longer have any time to let negative energy, or negative people, rent space in your head. This is your time. Be selfish, and don’t feel bad for doing so. You’ve spent enough time putting other people before yourself. That hasn’t gotten you anywhere near the place you want to be.

Although, don’t forget to appreciate the people around you. Don’t forget to be there if they need you. You can do a lot for someone without harming your own well-being. If they need someone to listen— listen.

I think it’s very important to continue living with this motto: don’t do for others, expecting something in return— do it out of the kindness of your heart…

You have lived by that your entire life. Let’s continue with that one; it’s good. Too many people expect, expect, expect— you aren’t like that, and never will be. People appreciate that about you.

Overall the bar for this year(2017) is set really low— like really, really low. Let’s make it a goal to explode past that bar. Let’s set the bar for 2018 higher than its ever been. Take the brakes off and run towards your goals at full speed. Don’t quit until your proud— and I expect you to never be proud. In other words, I don’t expect to ever quit, so don’t let yourself get too proud.

While you spend your time in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire, you don’t have to tell anyone else. If you want to stay low key, stay low key. Not everyone needs to know everything about you. We all have stories we don’t want to tell. Don’t let anyone make you feel like a lesser person for wanting to keep things to yourself. Sometimes we work better in solitude. Solitude is good. It allows you to hear the deep and dark thoughts that actually go on in your head; it allows you to know who you really are.

Also, appreciate YOU. You are incredible and have proven to be stronger than most thought you were. Continue to prove them wrong. And continue to prove yourself wrong… It’s fun. You will never know your limits unless you push them. So make a point to push them this year. It will only benefit you.

Take every opportunity thrown your way and think, think long and hard about whether this would be right for you. If there’s even a tiny chance that it is, jump on it. Make yourself uncomfortable and allow yourself to thrive in it.

Make it a priority to meet new people and make new friends. Find people who think like you. It’s okay to branch out from the friendships you already have. You will outgrow some, and some may outgrow you. Don’t take offense to that, or feel bad if someone else takes offense. This is life. Eventually you will find someone who syncs with your soul perfectly. Don’t search for it, but if you do come across that this year, hold onto it for dear life. People don’t get that often.

Lastly, remember that the direction your life goes is strictly up to you. It doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters where you go. Go somewhere incredible. Go to your definition of incredible. Everyone has a different definition, and you will run into people who criticize you for seeing the world the way you do. Thank them for their input, but don’t change for anyone. Remember that although you may be taking the road less travelled, you are taking YOUR road, be thankful. Not many have the courage to do what you’re doing— because it’s really damn scary. So, push your body and mind further than ever before, drown yourself in a pool of happiness and make everyone wonder how in the hell you did it.

Sincerely, 2016 me


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