do now

With every kid my age currently freaking out about college, it’s caused me to take a step back and pay attention. And taking a step back has allowed me to not only pay attention to the kids my age— but everyone in general. What I’ve noticed has been insane… To me anyway.

So much of our lives are wasted waiting for things to happen to us, not even realizing that we are here; we are living and breathing right now, yet we are concentrated on the future… A future that isn’t even guaranteed. No one knows if they are going to wake up once they fall asleep. We are all living, breathing time bombs. There is no book we can read, or movie we can watch that tells us when we aren’t going to be here anymore. So why do we live our lives waiting for the future, instead of just living in the now.

Planning ahead is one thing; I’m not saying that is a bad thing. I’m talking about waiting. You should be spending every present moment you can doing something that will benefit you in the future. Stop waiting for a camp to improve your skills; stop waiting for an experience to expand your mind; stop waiting for a relationship to make you feel validated; stop waiting.

I see kids freaking out about the jobs they are going to have after college. They are allowing something five years down the line to cause them stress now. They haven’t even been through college yet, and they are worried about the job they may or may not have after. That blows my mind. It’s also made me realize that lately I’ve been taking my life one day at a time, and that’s played a big role in my happiness.

Our minds can be our biggest enemy. Once you get attached to an idea of something, you start to create hundreds of scenarios— good and bad. Then you stress and freak out. And suddenly you aren’t even living your life anymore, you are waiting for your life.

Every moment you are breathing, is a moment you can spend improving your happiness, and I think that’s what almost all of us are after. Yet, we think these ideas and scenarios in our head are the things that will bring happiness to us. The only thing that will bring you true happiness is you, and the work you put in to get there. That work can only be done in this moment. You can’t do anything about the past, and you can’t predict the future. The only thing you have is now.

You’re allowed to worry and you’re allowed to plan, but if you’re not doing something in the present moment to move yourself ahead a step, then you’re wasting your time. And eventually you won’t have any left.

I think that’s why everyone claims time goes by so fast… Does time go by fast, or are we just subconsciously wishing it away until we don’t have any left?


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