The darkness that will shower over you throughout your life is inevitable. It can even be permanent for those not willing to wash it away. It can be comforting for others— others thrive in this darkness.

This darkness is necessary for growth. It is part of the package that comes with being a human. Don’t trick yourself into believing you can avoid it— don’t be stupid. Not one person in the world has lived a life full of only light. If they try to convince you otherwise, they are lying.

The group of people who live inside this darkness is way larger than the group standing in the light. If you are in the light, you aren’t better than the ones in the dark. You have just simply figured out how much warmer the light is faster than others— and know that the work it takes to stay inside of it, is worth it.

The work it takes to stay in the light is like being on a treadmill. The speed of the treadmill depends on what’s currently going on in your life— what’s doing its damn best to bring you back down. Sometimes you will find yourself sprinting faster than you thought possible just to stay on the treadmill, and in the light. It’s not possible to stay on the treadmill forever… You must lose your balance and fly off the back, and into the darkness at some point. But, how long you stay down is completely up to you.

It’s not easy, but you can fake it. Pretend that you are strong enough to be in the light. Push yourself further than you ever have, to stay on top. Eventually your strength will come to match what you were faking. It’s all a mind game— you just have to know how to play.


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