10 truths i wish i knew as a kid

I’m woke up feeling pretty sick. So I’m going to keep this one short and just give you 10 truths I wish I knew as a kid… This is almost like 18 things i learned at 18— but it’s not, so don’t think I’m getting lazy *sarcastic voice*… (people take me too seriously sometimes)

1) Responsibility can and will come at you from any direction. Expect it and make yourself ready for it.

2) The ones closest to you will eventually pass. However, the memories they blessed you with will not.

3) Accept what is and learn to be okay on your own. Some things are meant to be dealt with inside your own head. Don’t advertise your problems.

4) You heart will get broken in many different ways. If it must happen, do your best to make sure it’s worth it.

5) Make sure you can always count on yourself— you won’t always have someone else to catch you.

6) School tests your ability to memorize more than it teaches you what you need to survive in the world… (you, personally, will realize that and get out before you let it destroy you)

7) Life can suck. But it can’t ALWAYS suck. Hard times will pass into good, and good will eventually lead to bad again. It’s a constant up and down.

8) It’s not a bad idea to try and stay positive in every situation. It may be a cliche, but positivity does prevail. You’ll be thankful if you look at life that way.

9) Drink water. A lot.

10) Lastly, something for my younger self: In the next couple of years you will experience things that will make you question why you were put on this earth. You will wonder if all the pain is worth it. Just keep in mind that life does go on and better things are always on the way. Head up. Stay strong. Move on.


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