hope is not a tactic

The other day I watched Deepwater Horizon. The movie itself was incredible and the story it told was absolutely shocking. To think that people are so money-hungry that they are willing to put hundreds of lives at risk is just insane. But that’s not what really stuck with me after watching the entire movie. The think that really stuck was something Mark Wahlberg’s character said: “Hope is not a tactic.”

That really hit me because I’d never thought about it that way before. Yes, it’s extremely important to never, ever lose your hope. Sometimes hope is all you have left. Once you think about it, though, it’s not really something you can rely on. You can’t jump out of an airplane without a parachute and hope that you survive. Well, I mean you could, but that’s not a very good plan. Neither is getting in your car everyday and not buckling up because you have hope that you won’t get in an accident.

Like many other things, I’ve noticed how overlooked this concept is. You can’t expect hope to always pull through. Sometimes you end up being right, but it’s definitely not worth betting your life on.

As long as you can say you’ve done everything in your power to allow yourself to succeed, sometimes hope is the only thing you have left. This is only logical if you’ve already put in work. You’ve checked all the boxes and put whatever it was out into the world, now hoping that something good comes of it. It’s okay for hope to be your last tactic in a situation where you’ve already used every other tactic.

The people who aren’t willing to first put in the work, are the people who don’t succeed. You can’t have anything without work. You can’t go through school without studying, hoping that you average a 4.0. It doesn’t work that way. You can, however, study for tests and burn the concept into your brain so that once you do the test and turn it in, you’re allowed to sit and hope that you did well. Your hope is valid because you put in the work.

I think that there is a standing argument concerning hope. In some cases, hope is all you have left. You can’t do anything for the situation but hope that things are okay in the end. But I think that my same point stands. If you have considered all of your other options, and there is no other way you could help the situation, then hoping is all you got left, and that’s okay.

Hope is one of the most powerful forces in the world. It gives people strength in their darkest hours. So don’t ever discredit the true meaning of the word— and don’t abuse it either. It is just a word after all— you are the one who brings it to life. I challenge you to bring it to life in the most beautiful way you know how. There’s no pressure here. Just hope.


2 thoughts on “hope is not a tactic

  1. Wow! I really enjoy reading your writings. This was particularly good. I hope you never stop having such a keen insight. The girl from my class is not the woman writing these words. Keep writing.

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