where you’d be

Think about where you would be if you had started a year ago… I don’t think it’s productive to think about that. In my experience with asking myself that, it hasn’t done anything but drain my confidence. It’s made me feel like there isn’t really a point of starting now if I could have started a year ago.

I know everyone has a different opinion on this. But for me it has only taken me a step back. You have no control over what you did a year ago anymore. The only thing you have is now. The only moment you have is now. Who cares what you could have done a year ago. You didn’t. Let’s not dwell on what could have been. Instead take what you have now, and use it to your advantage. Maybe you did have more resources a year ago, but who really cares? You shouldn’t. It happened and there isn’t a single good place complaining about it will take you.

If you are still thinking about it a year later, it’s probably something you should really look into. You obviously care about it and you obviously want to do it. Nothing can go wrong, or right, if you don’t first take the risk of starting.


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