voice inside your head

I wake up everyday and post my blog, having zero idea what I’m going to write about for the next day. It’s weird—the thought that I just know something will come to me throughout the day, giving me the inspiration I need to write. The voice inside my head hasn’t let me down yet.

I’m not saying that I get an idea and every single word just flows right out of me. That’s pretty unrealistic. But for the most part, I get an idea and am able to come up with at least a few-hundred words on it. I don’t go searching for answers, but I also don’t turn them away.

Someone recently shared the idea with me that the voice inside our head is living life through us. Thinking about it really creeps me out. It makes sense in a way. The voice never shuts up. Right now, unless you’re reading this out-loud, the voice is speaking inside of you. It’s constant. I don’t know if it’s possible to shut it off. I’ve never been able to. So who or what put it there, and why is it constant? Wrapping your head around that question is hard enough. I say don’t worry about it. Instead just try to get along with it. Learn to understand it. It may be speaking so you understand the words, but there is always a deeper message behind them. Listen for it.

It’s very easy to let the negative words cloud your judgement. The voice has an anxiety of its own, so getting caught up in its worries won’t benefit you at all. Though, it doesn’t hurt to listen with no intention of acting upon it. Sometimes, the worries are valid and may save you from a tragic event. There is no right formula to how much or how little credibility you should give the voice. The best option is to just let it do it’s thing and live with it. You do, however, have control over how much of an impact it has on you. You don’t have to let its worries become your worries. It’s a weird concept to think about, so above all, above whatever you believe, just know that you are ultimately in control; maybe.


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