10 reasons to smile

I just simply want to give you 10 reasons to smile today.

Well, to start with the obvious— you are alive.


Okay, okay. This draft has been sitting in my writing folder for the longest time. I open it all the time in attempts to finish it. Obviously, this hasn’t happened yet otherwise I would have posted it. I can never finish it. I sit here and try to think of reasons you should smile and I can’t come up with any. I’m not saying this in a negative way, though. I guess I’m just struggling to come up with reasons that will make anyone smile. I can only think of reasons that would make me smile. So it has sat in my folder with only one reason; you are alive. And I also think it couldn’t be more perfect. You don’t need another reason. Anytime you are feeling upset or scared just remember that you are alive, and you have the ability to change how you’re feeling.

It sounds like the dumbest thing in the world, but faking the biggest smile possible in moments when you’re upset, will actually improve your mood. I just did it, and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. Try it.

This blog feels like a sorry attempt in comparison to my others. It pretty much is. If I wasn’t vowing to post everyday, I would skip today. I haven’t been doing great the last couple days. But, regardless, I hope this makes you think just a little bit about how important your life really is. And no matter if it all goes to hell, you understand that you’re still alive and that’s reason enough to get back up and fight.


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