always observe

I think that my greatest strength is my ability to observe. Being able to observe is a very powerful tool, and being good at it can be dangerous; dangerous for the people trying to hide something. I’ve grown up knowing nothing as well as I know how to observe. It was all I did in school. Keeping my surroundings constantly in check within my head was just a safety mechanism that I developed. Overtime it’s developed into something more. I don’t only pay attention to my surroundings, I pay attention to people. It’s really hard for someone to fake a smile towards me and get away with it. It’s also hard to lie to me, or even try to pull information out of me. I pick up on everything. Every comment you will ever make towards me is stored and saved in case it’s needed.

The extremes that I’ve taken observing to aren’t too fun. It’s pretty exhausting to constantly read into people. Sometimes I read too much into something, and turn it into a thing it never was. But for the most part, being able to observe has saved me from a lot of things.

I’m bringing this up because I think, in this time especially, the ability to observe has become extremely important. No matter what you believe or how you see the world, the way things are going in this country/world show how much you really need to be paying attention. You need to keep up with the facts and not let the negativity bring you down. This is the time for us to step up and show how much good we can do if we all come together. I’m not trying to make this political, I just wanted to mention how important it is to be paying attention right now.

The best way you can start, not only with the news around the world, but in your daily life, is to simply listen. Put in more effort to pay attention to the people speaking around you. Learn to appreciate their existence a bit more. While driving do your best to notice every face that passes you. Not in a creepy way, just in a way that trains you to be more aware. While you’re just sitting at home, play some music and really hear the words- figure out how they relate to you, because they always will. Eventually you’ll come to a point where it all happens naturally. You’ll start picking up on sounds you never have before, you’ll notice details in people or in the news that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. The world has so much more to offer if you just pay a bit more attention to it. Not many people realize this, then proceed to act upon it. So be someone who acts upon it.


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