be that person

Throughout high school I always tried my best to stay out of the drama. I tried to avoid talking behind people’s backs. And most importantly I always at least tried to be friends with everyone. In my attempts to be friends with everyone, I found myself in drama. I never agreed with there having to be groups in school, and certain groups not being allowed to like another. So this naturally caused some waves. I’ve always considered myself a listener and made sure my friends knew they could always talk to me. No matter what was going on, I did my best to continue being a person others could come to.

I dealt with whatever came. And to be honest, I was sometimes a huge jerk. I definitely regret the way I handled certain situations with some people, but there isn’t anything I can do about it now. It’s only brought me here- a place where I can look back and understand who I want to be now. I’m very proud that I’ve never been one to pay attention to cliques. I’ve become friends with some really awesome people I wouldn’t have otherwise. I wish everyone realized how little the groups you form in high school actually matter. Don’t base your friendships off of who is considered cool. Who set the standard for what’s cool or not cool anyway? Everyone is cool. You’ll click with some people better than others, so stick to the ones you click with, regardless of how high they are on the popularity chart.

I promise you that once you get out of high school, none of the cliques or anything will matter. None of the drama that you went through will matter and the arguments you had will most likely seem ridiculous. I’ve been graduated for a while now, and I only talk to maybe 4 of my high school friends on a daily basis. But when I see the other people I called friends in high school, I always make sure I say hi. I’ve never really been a super social person until I’m comfortable around you, so if I can make an effort to talk to everyone, it wouldn’t hurt for you to at least try. Hell, even a smile counts. The point is, you should always do your best to be good person, regardless of who is around you. Sometimes being a good person isn’t always possible because of who you’re dealing with. So, if you can’t be a good person, at least be a bigger person.


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