we all get stuck

The quote in the picture above has proven to be true throughout my entire life. I’m starting to realize it more everyday. Everything we express—however we express it—stems from our thoughts. Regardless of the situation, a positive or negative thought can completely change your outcome. Lately, I’ve just been feeling plain. I’m in a slump. I will be the first to admit that my thoughts haven’t been the most positive. When I talk to others about it, I jokingly say how terrible I feel. I’m starting to think every time I say that out loud, even if I think I don’t mean it, it’s starting to translate into how I truly feel.

Something I’ve discussed in counseling is how you sometimes have to trick your brain into thinking you’re okay. When you’re doing something you’re nervous about, chew gum because your brain won’t register that you’re scared/in danger if it believes you’re eating. The same goes for smiling as big as you can when your upset, and how it instantly improves your mood. Why would you be smiling if you were really upset? It calms your thoughts.

Everything within your head is constantly analyzing the things happening around you, and you have to learn how to control the way you react to it if you want to be happy. In sad times do things that make you happy. Even if they don’t have the same impact on your mood as they usually would, keep doing them. Eventually your mind will come around. There will be hundreds, maybe even thousands of times that you will find yourself climbing out of a hole that feels deeper every time you’re thrown into it. The way you allow your mind to respond to being thrown into these holes, will ultimately determine how quickly you climb out. It’s never easy to keep your thoughts positive, but it’s worth it. Sometimes it feels easier to just sit in your own sorrow; that’s because it is easier. When you find yourself in this position don’t fall down deeper, accept it, change it, and keep climbing. It’s okay to get stuck sometimes, and I think we forget that.


One thought on “we all get stuck

  1. This reminds me of a technique in counseling called “acting as if” which means for example; if someone is really shy and afraid to speak in social settings, they can “act as if” they were outgoing and the life of the party to try and shift their feelings. Great blog!

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