The most magical and powerful thing in the world is words. They are how things begin and also how they end. Whether it’s through books, music, poems, or even just talking, words are everything. They make you mad, sad, happy, thankful—they just make you feel. That plays a huge part in why I love writing so much. The way something completely fictional can pull you in and make you feel like what you’re reading is your reality, is insane. Or that when I write I’m completely thrown into another universe and would be perfectly content if I never had to leave.

People underestimate the power of words way too often. Not thinking before you speak is a terrible habit. And being known as someone who just doesn’t care when it comes to hurting people isn’t the kind of reputation most want to have. Yes, a lot of the time people need to hear something that may be hurtful. But you have the power to filter what you say in a way that isn’t so harsh. Be constructive and helpful, not rash and harmful.

Understanding that you hold the power to completely tear someone down, or help build them up, and choosing to help build them up makes you sort of a superhero. Everyday we are faced with this decision and it’s impossible to be right on the dot all the time. You have to do your best though, because what you put out into the universe ultimately comes back to you. And I know that I definitely want good things coming back my way. Most make the mistake of making waves and still assuming they deserve good things. Those people are privileged and not too fun to be around. Strive to be the opposite of that. Be the kind of person others are drawn to. Make a point to light a room up when you walk in, because you deserve to be noticed. And the best way to start and keep that presence is to use your words wisely. Because, they are more powerful than we will every truly know.


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