no expectations

I want to touch a little on something I mentioned in my blog goodbye basketball. I wrote about my journey to understanding that things don’t always turn out how you plan. This is common knowledge, being that most things don’t really ever turn out how you planned. I feel like this is why I have trouble planning things for my future. It’s hard to be so specific because you can’t really predict what your day will be like tomorrow or even a month from now. People who plan out every hour of everyday confuse me so much. I just feel the stress would overpower me. If something doesn’t go just according to your plan it throws your entire day off. However, it makes more sense if you are completely in control of your own schedule. A professional athlete, for example, has the structure to plan their days down to the minute. They pretty much have to when it comes to the food they eat and their workout routine, all the way to their recovery and free time.

Once my life has reached a point that’s more structured I know I’ll probably end up being the same way. But, at the moment, I don’t even know what I’m doing tonight besides writing. Frankly, I can’t wait to be more structured. It’s a process, though- a process I’m making my way through.

To take the planning idea in a different direction… goals. Goals are the best thing ever. Many people get goals confused with expectations and end up being disappointed in themselves. I used to do this a lot when I played sports. Instead of setting a goal to come back with an 89 after a golf match, I wouldn’t set a goal at all. So when things are all said and done with a score of 91 I’m disappointed, because I expected to do better. The problem is, I didn’t set myself up to have a fair chance at doing better. I started with no number in mind and instead just played rogue, which ended in me being unhappy with the outcome.

This same idea proves to be true in life. You can’t expect yourself to get anywhere without aiming towards the things you want. It’s okay to miss, just make sure you still land (not to ruin the surprise… but you will always land). Not landing exactly on your goal is perfectly fine—even good. That just gives you more room to grow and more reason to experience new things along the way back. No destination is ever a bad one as long as you keep your head facing the right direction.


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