you have eyes for a reason

Experiencing life through my own eyes is the most important thing in the world to me. I try my best to remind myself of that daily. If you have been reading my blogs for at least a week, you know I went to a US women’s soccer game last week. I was able to go on the field before the game during warmups. The girls were literally feet away from me. As I looked around I noticed that every person had their phones out taking pictures or videos. I was completely alone with my phone in my pocket, just watching the team run drills. I took one picture on the field, and that was before the team even came out, just so I could show my brother what it looked like.

Pictures are incredible. Being able to keep that memory in physical form is so important. But experiencing precious moments—like the ones I had on the field—through your camera lens, is not the way I want to live. I didn’t want a single distraction. Every moment I had with the girls just steps away from me, was a moment I decided to keep for myself. Even after the game started and I was on the end line, in the first row, I only took two pictures of Tobin Heath. I wanted every memory to be seen through my eyes and not have the filter of my phone masking that in any way. The picture with Alex Morgan was my dads idea. He took my phone and handed it to her. I was only concerned about meeting her and giving her my letter after she handed the phone back to me (thanks for that dad, I’m happy we have that picture).

I don’t try and keep this habit going just during sporting events. If I’m in the presence of something beautiful I soak it all in, maybe pulling my phone out for one picture. I’m not worried about forgetting it in the future, I’m just worried about experiencing it in the present. So, I don’t know. I guess my point is, just be more aware. I know it’s so hard when we have the world in our pockets. But it’s so much more rewarding to know that I watched the girls every second of their warmup with my own eyes, not worried about taking the perfect picture. I know that I didn’t miss a single moment and did my best to just be where I was. It’s sweet to have pictures for social media and what not; but it sure as hell falls short of being able to experience things through your own eyes.


P.S. sorry for the late blogs the last few days. My mornings and afternoons have been pretty busy. I’ll make sure to start getting them out earlier like I used to.

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