Do we really have a breaking point? That’s a question that has been roaming around my mind for a while now. There’s this idea that we can push ourselves so far, but only so far, until we finally snap. I think it’s debatable. When you reach what you think your limit is, I believe that’s when you begin to know your true self. That’s when you are left with two options: prove everyone right and give up, or push past the limit and set a new standard.

Besides, you could even say the only limit we are truly testing is our mental one. Physically, it’s all mental. Everything you’ve ever done is because you’ve had the mental strength to do it. And every time you’ve ever done something you didn’t think you could, is because you pushed past the limit you thought existed in the first place. We are capable of so much more than we believe. The brain is so fascinating to me. I truly think that we are just catching a glimpse of what’s really in there. The next time you feel like you can’t run another mile- don’t think, just do. Instead remind yourself how much better you’ll feel going the extra mile. You have to look at life as if there are no weights too heavy, no mountains too high, and no limits set in stone. That’s when you truly fly.


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