Everyone has potential in something. Everyone. We all have something we are good at; something that makes us stand out from the rest. The thing isn’t always something that could help us make a future for ourselves, but it can at least always be a hobby. Regardless if you’re good at something or not, there is always potential within you. Everything we will ever try, we have the potential to be great at. If you’re lucky, the thing you have the most potential in will be something you love.

But potential means nothing if you don’t put in the work. Potential doesn’t get you anywhere, it’s what you do with it that takes you places. A lot of people get caught up in the idea that they are already good at something so they don’t need to do the extra work- those are they people that never get anywhere. The hard work is always going to be what takes you a step further than everyone else. It’s an obvious tool, but it’s one most people think they can get around doing. It’s the not-so-secret, secret weapon. Use it.


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