do i want to be remembered? (100)

To think I’ve made it this far. 100. That’s a big number for me. I posted my first blog April 8, 2016. I posted very randomly, sometimes months apart, at first. Mid-November of last year was when I made the commitment to post daily. That decision has changed my life. I’ve come so far in these last 4 months—even further in this last year. This milestone has snuck up on me, I don’t really pay too much attention to what the number is everyday that I post. Because of that, I didn’t have anything special planned; nothing crazy to post, or any big news to tell (yet). I decided I would take my first blog what do you want to be remembered for? and respond to it. More specifically, update it. Before you read this, go check that one out. It’s a short read and will probably help these next couple hundred words make sense.


What do I want to be remembered for? That’s a tricky one. The answer is simple, but it’s getting to the answer that’s the hard part. I used to struggle with this question. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be remembered for anything in this crazy world. What could I possibly do to be remembered for something so good that outweighs all this bad? I thought maybe it’d be best for me to just live my life as mundane as most, and let the life I lived fade with each passing minute after I was gone.

Once you make the decision that you want to live a life worth remembering, you take the risk of making it a bad memory. It’s not guaranteed that you’re going to leave a positive impact. It really doesn’t matter how hard you try, sometimes things just don’t fall in your favor. But I’d rather be remembered for at least attempting to leave the world better than I entered it. I can’t just watch things crumble as the years pass with the idea that my impact wouldn’t ever be widespread enough to have a lasting influence on the world. That’s a risk I’m willing to take. It’s a risk I wish everyone was willing to take. Too many people have the habit of seeing something that looks difficult—or even impossible—and leave it buried in dust for someone else to discover.

Why would they waste their time with it?

Why try if it’s not going to be easy?


Why wouldn’t you try? That’s the true question. You were given this life to do something with it, not sit back and let the truly brave take all the hits. Stop assuming there is a chosen one, and start understanding that we are all chosen. We all have a duty and we all have the power to be a game-changer for the world. People like MLK, Steve Jobs, Maya Angelou, and so many others—those people weren’t given some special gift that you weren’t. They found their fitting vein of change and let it flow. They didn’t let a single obstacle stop them from continuing the journey they were on. The world is forever changed because of these people. We have computers in our pockets thanks to Steve Jobs, we have hope thanks to MLK, and we have endless words of wisdom thanks to Maya Angelou. The impact they left will never be forgotten.

I want to set something straight, though. When you set out to change the world, you can’t exactly just pick up a bag and expect to reach your destination after a couple plane rides. You also can’t expect your impact to be as huge as someone like Steve Jobs, or as historic as MLK’s. I can promise you that they didn’t start their journey expecting the outcome they received. They started exactly where you are, with the idea that they could help the world and the bravery to make it a reality. They fought their entire life, just like you will. They didn’t let the critics, or the haters, or the nonbelievers stop them. They knew that regardless the size of their impact, the importance of it was all the same.

The question isn’t as intimidating when you break it down. You can’t change the entire world all at once- if ever. But you can create your own world, your own community, and change the lives within that. The more you do, the more people will start taking notice, and the bigger your world will grow. Influence where you know you can. Influence the hell out of those places. Any positive change you can make, is change. And, well, it’s positive. You’re not a superhero for the entire world, but you can be a superhero for anyone who chooses you. Anytime you put a smile on someones face, or see the glow in their eyes when you talk to them, know you’re doing something. And sometimes, in a moment, that’s all you can do. Take those moments and turn them into a lifetime. Use your craft, whatever it is, and use it until your dying breath to make the world a better place.

So, I ask myself again, at this exact moment: do I want to be remembered? My answer, now and forever: hell yes.


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