i’m good enough

“I have a weakness: I never feel like I’m good enough. I have a strength: I never feel like I’m good enough.” —Christen Press

I think about this quote everyday. How many people do you know who think never feeling like they are good enough is a strength? Not many I bet. So many of us get caught up on the opposite side of that. They assume there is a certain level that’s to be reached, and after that, they won’t have anywhere to go. That’s a mindset you don’t want to have. There is no limit to how good you can be. There is constant room for improvement and hundreds of different ways to achieve it.

The most important thing I try to remind myself of is that no one has the same path. No matter what it is you’re trying to accomplish, someone else has been there, and they didn’t get there the same way you will. Use that as motivation. Accept that you may never be satisfied with yourself and use it to continue propelling forward. It’s not always going to feel like a strength. Most of the time it will be your weakness; the reason you feel like there is no point in going anymore.

But it’s the exact reason why you should keep going. You have absolutely nothing to lose. If you look at it the right way—with hard work—the only direction you can go is up. I’ve talked about it before. Never, ever look past the work. It’s the only thing that will get you there. Hard work, dedication, discipline, heart, passion – these are things you need if you plan on continuing the fight to be better than you were yesterday.

The entirety of struggling to better yourself is exhausting. You’re in constant battle with you mind and body, debating whether or not there is another step up. Regardless of its visibility, there is always a step. It reveals itself when you prove you’re willing to take it.

Let me throw a weird analogy your way to help this make sense… Pulled-pork. Yes, I know… just give me a chance. In order for the pork to pull it had to be at a temperature of 180°F before you could take it out of the smoker. It started cooking at 225°F around 9am and by 4pm the temperature of the pork was 169°F. It had been slowly heating up for 7 hours. Suddenly, the temperature dropped to 162°F and stayed there. It refused to heat up, maybe going to 163° after thirty more minutes. It was explained to me that once the pork reaches a certain point, the fat turns to liquid and cools everything off for a bit. Only after that, can the temperature begin rising again. So even though it seemed like the pork was taking a step back in its cooking process, it was actually just doing what needed to be done in order to move forward. The only thing it needed was a little patience.

This same thing happens in our life. We reach points of contentment, and instantly panic when that is ripped away from us by some sort of roadblock. What we fail to realize is that the roadblock, seemingly throwing us backward, is actually setting us up to fly forward tomorrow. And when it feels like so much has been lost in the process, you stand up to realize everything makes just a little more sense.


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