I can’t wait for the moment I smile and feel it consume my whole soul. I want to smile with my eyes and make it known to everyone who looks into them that I am truly happy. It’s been too long since that’s happened. The problem with obtaining that moment is figuring out how to manipulate your mind into coming out of the darkness. To do this, people will meditate, run, cry, hide, write, draw, escape, etc. It’s going to take a different method almost every time you find a shadow cast over your head. This time, for me, it’s waiting. I have to keep up my normal routine and just let this run its course. I feel it—it’s making its rounds. Soon, my mind will suddenly shift and I’ll wonder why I was so depressed the last few weeks. I’ll feel stupid, but ultimately, I’ll be relieved.

No matter what your technique is for pushing through depression, there is one key element you can never forget: don’t stop. You absolutely cannot let it stop you from doing things you normally do. Even if you have to drag yourself out of bed, knowing you won’t be the happiest one at dinner with friends; you have to do it. That keeps the score even. Every time you do something depression is trying to stop you from doing, you win that battle. So stay active, stay distracted, and never stop—because one day soon, at dinner with your friends, you’re going to smile and blind them with the light radiating from your eyes.


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