be a doer

We never know what life is going to throw our way. It can change everything for the better, or set us back ten steps… you do not know. Although, you almost always know what you hope will happen. We usually have an idea of our best/worst case scenarios and how we would react to them. But more often than not, those scenarios aren’t even how things play out in the end.

I have a weird relationship with this fact, because I am constantly planning what I would do or say in certain situations. So far, that’s payed off extremely well for me. I’d say I’m very calm in situations that could be dangerous or situations that make me think on my toes. The only problem is that about 80% of the scenarios in my head are things that probably won’t ever be put to use; but at least I have them. Don’t think I’m fooling myself, though. I know that no matter how much I think ahead, there are still going to be plenty of things that throw me off. You can’t just prepare for everything—that’d ruin the fun, and even the torture.

Bad luck is something I’m familiar with, and that scares me. It makes me fearful of the future, but also makes me a little hopeful—because one person can only have so much bad luck… right? Regardless of my odds, I’m still going to do my best to find a positive in every situation. That’s all any of us really can do. You have to make opportunities out of nothing—that’s what will take you a step further than the rest. Most are stuck waiting for a door to appear. Make your own damn door, or at least tear down the wall. You may be left with some cuts and bruises, but you’ll also have left the wishers behind and stepped foot in the world of dreamers and doers.


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