ocean calm

Last night I was having internal anxiety attacks for hours. I don’t know what was really wrong but I was very nervous that this entire trip would be ruined. I couldn’t help but think the first night was be a sign of how the next week would go. I sucked it up and watched a few videos to calm me down. I slept extra long and woke up feeling great.

The ocean calmed me down and I can’t help but imagine what’s really out there. It feels like the possibilities are endless. And that’s comforting to me. It’s just proof that anything is truly possible. I’ve come to the conclusion that the ocean has the same affect on me as the stars do. They give me hope, and a calming sense that I’m meant for something great. When I look at either of those two things, I don’t have any doubt that I’ll achieve them. It’s necessary to find at least one thing that has such an impact on you. It’s sometimes the only thing that keeps you going.

Today I was in the sun a little too much and can no longer feel my body. The plus side: I saw dolphins. Now I am going to go watch NCAA with my family and continue to take advantage of the ocean in my backyard. I can do anything I put my mind to—so can you.


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