last words

Everyone knows the importance of words. They are they ultimate weapon, and can the ultimate healer in certain situations.  The thing I want to mention today has to do with your last words to someone/something. I have a habit—a very good habit—of always making sure I say, “be safe and let me know when you get back,” to anyone who leaves in my presence. My friends and family can 100% vouch for me in this case. It gives me a sense of comfort to know that those people understand that I care for them. Even that tiny gesture shows so much love.

Now, regardless of even that, the final thing you say to someone before you part ways is ALWAYS a big deal, and should be treated as such. You never know what’s going to happen. Make sure the last words out of your mouth are words you’d be proud to have said. This is especially true when you’re in an argument with someone. Even if you’re super upset, make sure you put some effort into letting them know you care. Say I love you, or be safe, or even just give them a hug. The pain you’ll feel if something were to happen and the last thing you did was argue, or let them walk out the door without saying goodbye—well, that would be a pain no one wants to take on.

This is my small reminder to just make sure you’re more aware. It’s not that hard and eventually it will be a habit. It’s a habit I’m proud to have, and one I don’t ever plan on breaking. The world is too unpredictable to be any other way than aware. I hope you are all doing well, or at least on the search for whatever well may be to you.


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