i’m done

I’m done trying to please others. I’m done going out of my way for people who don’t return the gesture. I’m done. I’m tired of having to be fake just to avoid drama. I’m tired of being letting one person stomp all over me, just to protect someone else. I’m done. I’m done caring if someone doesn’t like a decision I’ve made. I won’t allow someone else to push their sadness onto me, or take their anger out on me. I won’t be a punching bag, and I sure as hell won’t be a bystander to my own life any longer.

This is the time to be living. Your heart is pounding, you’re alive—so live. Live for you, be kind to you, push you, protect you; everything you do outside of you, comes from you. Once you start taking care of every aspect of yourself, being kind to others becomes less work. Being in the presence of an evil soul doesn’t have the same affect on you. Once you are strong, no one has the power to touch you.


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