do it now 

  1. Lilly
  2. Water
  3. Stars
  4. The moon
  5. Mountains
  6. Fruit
  7. Keaton
  8. Laughing with my mom
  9. Talking to my dad
  10. Being with my grandmas
  11. Thinking about the universe
  12. My best friend
  13. Waking up early
  14. Working out
  15. Pushing my limits
  16. Eating healthy
  17. Smiling and meaning it
  18. Looking at my tattoos 
  20. Learning
  21. Talking
  22. Listening
  23. Soccer
  24. Good humans
  25. Souls
  26. Animals
  27. Love
  28. Books
  29. Pictures

I challenge you to write down AT LEAST 10 things that make you happy–do it right now. I could keep going on forever, so could you. But start with 10 and shock yourself. Things are never as bad as they seem. 


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