i lost you

I’m not really sure how many real friends I’m left with. I know how many I’d always assumed would be there for the long run. Now I’m starting to realize that may not be the case. I’m actually starting to realize how alone I truly am. This isn’t a bad thing, or a thing I want you to feel bad about—nor is it a thing meant to call out these friends.

Everyone evolves differently, and in different directions. We all have different priorities and different goals. You will likely find people whose goals and priorities look similar to yours…which makes it a lot easier to keep a relationship. Unfortunately, I don’t have the same thoughts, ideas, goals, or priorities as my friends. In fact, I see the world so differently than any kid my age, it’s hard to make friends I can actually open up to. There’s nothing wrong with the way they see things compared to the way I do. There is just the fact that we don’t even come close to aligning.

To those friends—who I for some reason don’t really talk to anymore—let me just say this: I love you, I’m thankful for you, and I miss you. You shined a light on my worst years without even realizing it. I hope we don’t lose touch forever.


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