feel shamelessly

I think we could all use a little work in identifying, and then accepting our emotions. It’s not easy to feel something you don’t want to feel. Being sad in a place that should bring you joy is never good. And this is when we usually pretend to be anything but sad, which over time, teaches us to ignore our emotions. Eventually we will get so caught up in trying to feel, we forget what anything even feels like in the first place.

Emotions are tricky. It’s inappropriate to show your true emotions in certain scenarios—those are the times when you really need to feel what you feel shamelessly. Decide that now isn’t the best time to handle it, and put it in the back of your mind to deal with in a more appropriate time. Using that trick isn’t breaking the rule; see, you’re not trying to feel something else. Instead, you’re accepting how you feel while also understanding you can’t exactly deal with it due to your current location.

This happens to a lot of us, and most of us aren’t the best at taking our emotions head on. We like to push them to the side. It’s easier not to feel than it is to not know what you’re feeling (in other words: robot vs. normal human). Yeah, it’s true, we don’t know what we are feeling half of the time. It’s a constant battle to sort through your brain and choose the best way to deal. Practice makes better—hiding makes robots.


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