write your feelings

A certain someone has been on my mind a little extra lately. It’s crazy how fast someone can impact your life and teach you things you’ll remember forever. Lessons come in crazy forms—and too often they come with the leaving of something. I always understood that this situation would be temporary, and that I would have to say goodbye. I just never knew how hard it would be.

Anytime I feel anything, I turn to writing. It doesn’t matter how short or long the piece is; it only matters that I say my peace. You don’t have to be a writer to do this. Your feelings don’t have to make perfect sense as you bleed onto the paper. The point of doing this is to let yourself feel completely. Write with the knowledge that no one ever has to read what you’re about to say—unless you allow it. Don’t hold back a single word. This is what I did when I had to say goodbye to a beautiful little boy. Here is a little bit of what I wrote the day he left as an example for you:

In the small amount of time I’ve been around him, this little boy has completely changed the way I see certain things in the world. He has all the reason to back down and be a scared kid, yet he’s the happiest I’ve ever met. You’re unstoppable little guy and I hope as you grow up you believe that. 

From now until forever, every time I see a minion, a ninja turtle, or a little blonde boy, I will think of you. You may not remember us as you get older, but that’s okay because we will remember. It’s truly been a gift watching you grow and learning all I have from you. I hope we meet again in the future, you little minion. I love you.

The situation doesn’t always need to be this serious. This tactic can be used when feeling anything…happy, sad, exhausted, embarrassed, etc. It helps you understand the things inside your head just a little more with every use. Also, I know you already know this—but, seriously, don’t take the time you have with the ones you love for granted. Because that time could be cut off at any second.


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