brain power

The kindness you show yourself within your own head is almost more important than anything. We all know thoughts are at the root of everything we do. It’s impossible to completely master our mind, but we can at least learn the rules of the game. Right now I want to focus on the love we give ourselves inside our head and  the influence it has on our entire being.

Too often, we get caught up in the standards of society, and the standards of the people around us, that we lose our own voice. It’s as though we are being slowly manipulated—and being aware is the only way to stop it. Luckily, being aware is always possible with some work and discipline (I’m going to blog about discipline sometime soon)

Recently, I’ve been paying less attention and it’s had a huge impact on me. I’m always trying to be aware of everything, however, lately I’ve been slacking on my personal being. Or—in other words—the thoughts I’ve allowed myself to have. Every morning when I wake up, I let myself think it’s just another blah day…that’s usually the first thing that crosses my mind. And that’s the worst mistake I can make. Once you put into your head that the day is just blah, it’s a lot of work to turn that mindset around. You have to tell yourself, I’m good, today’s going to be good, even if you feel the complete opposite. It’s a game, and the objective is simple: you control your thoughts, they shouldn’t be allowed to ever control you.


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