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My 150th blog is coming up soon…I’ve been trying to think of something a little more significant to post for that special milestone. I just sat here writing for almost 2 hours and realized I was writing that blog. I stopped, for now, so I could get something posted for tonight. Due to the fact that it’s already so late—and I’ve been meaning to do this anyway—I’m going to post my 5 most popular blogs and a short excerpt of each. If you haven’t already, I hope you check them out! And if you have, maybe read them again; you might catch something you didn’t the first time.

  1. it’s realHaving a panic attack is one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced; I’ve had a few more than just one. They start out small, just one tiny thing that’s getting in your way. The more you think about it, the more anxious you get. Your brain starts to freak out wondering what the hell is going on, and in turn, your body starts to react. You start shaking, your stomach gets upset, your body feels frozen other than the uncontrollable vibration, tears start to fill your eyes—and that’s when it all goes to shit. Once you start crying, that’s when it gets most scary. You lose your breath. All of a sudden it’s like you forget how to breathe and everything starts spinning. It feels like your drowning, while wondering how that’s possible, knowing very well that your head is above water.
  2. the pure and broken are the more evolved – part 1As someone who does have a few mental illnesses, I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say: we don’t need you to understand exactly what we are going through— that’s impossible unless you are going through it too; we just need you to ACKNOWLEDGE it. We need you to accept its existence. Stop portraying us in ways where we are the star of a horror movie.
  3. it all means something: I never really understood how long 24 hours actually is until I spent a few rounds of them wide awake with my thoughts. And once you lose track of time, it doesn’t really matter anymore. 24 hours? 48? 72? Who is even keeping track? I know I sure wasn’t. Time is just something we made up anyway. It doesn’t really exist. So who cares if I spend night and day in my own head for seven straight years—and counting?
  4. what do you want to be remembered for?: Sure, it’s a daunting thought thinking about all of the things life will throw at you. It’s impossible for it not to be daunting. But there is beauty within the unknown. To only think about all the terrible things that are in front of you is very one-sided. I believe that there is a reason for everything you experience– mostly lessons. And without the bad things, well, how would we be able to tell that we were experiencing good things.
  5. influenceYou really are in control of who you let into your life. Truth be told, you may have to take extraordinary measures to get out of certain situations, but in the end they are worth it. Sometimes you may even look like a jackass in the pursuit of positive and healthy relationships, that’s okay too.

The format may be a little messed up if it’s an earlier blog. I’m trying to fix them, but you may get to it before I do. Anyway, thank you for your support.


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