10 things i’d say to me at 16

Looking at it now, it’s quite funny how clueless I was at 16. To put it a different way, I had no idea how much I would learn in those next two years—how much I would grow.

List 10 things you would tell your 16-year-old self, if you could:

  1. You’re not as weak as you think you are…just wait.
  2. Nothing can actually prepare you for how lonely you’re going to be the next few years. Stop trying to fix it.
  3. Not everything needs to be planned out. Take things day by day.
  4. WOULD YOU JUST OPEN YOUR DAMN COMPUTER AND WRITE. It’s what you’ve always been meant to do.
  5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the path you’re on. Those sleepless nights you spend confused about why you’re the only one on that path, well, they are useless. Your destination is a place too bright for their eyes to see. Keep going.
  6. If you had the same knowledge I do now, we would have decided to graduate as a sophomore. We wasted a lot of time in that prison.
  7. Stop letting others make you feel guilty for living your life in a way that scares them.
  8. Don’t ever stop standing up for yourself. Especially in these next two years. A lot of people will try and talk you out of sticking to your path.
  9. Try to slowly prepare yourself—you’re going to lose your first love in the coming year.
  10. It feels like you’re trapped in the eye of a hurricane (you may as well be). Believe that, although, you may not be the creator of the hurricane, you sure as hell can be the conductor.

It’s hard for me to wonder what I would say to my younger self. Without those terrible years I wouldn’t be here. Regardless, I hope I did the prompt justice.


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