experience vs. live

The possibilities in this world are endless—endlessly good, and endlessly bad. For the most part, I think you are in control of which side you end up on. Things are going to happen that send you flying over to the bad side, but you make the decision to work back towards the good. You also make the decision regarding the road of life you’ll take. Sure, you could be a sheep and follow the path of so many others, mocking their every move. The other option: carve your own path, make people question every step you take. Watch the horror mask their eyes as you tell them what you plan to do with you life—and how.

Looking back on my own journey, I always smile thinking of all the people telling me I couldn’t do something. I loved seeing the panic in them when I described my plan; Even more, I loved proving them wrong. The souls that walk this earth are divided into two big groups (if we want to make this as simple as possible, without breaking all of it down): people who simply live their life vs. those who experience it. The livers lack spontaneity, bravery, and all-around confidence. Experiencers, on the other hand, take risks, make moves, aim high, and ultimately do their best to breathe in every bit of life possible.

Let me put it simply…If you are just living your life, I guarantee you have few goals, no excitement for the future, low expectations, and almost certainly wake up everyday hating your job/school/life with zero motivation to change it. Now, experiencing your life goes something like this: every moment is an opportunity to grow, you work to change what you don’t like, you’re room/head/phone are all plastered with ideas and goals for your future, change is good, and adventure is necessary.

Personally, I think it’s obvious which option is the better one. It’s always your decision which one you choose to be. Hell, you could be a liver one day and an experiencer the next, vice versa. Whatever you choose to do (hopefully experience), do it with your whole heart. I recommend experiencing life—it keeps people who don’t on their toes, and that is really fun to watch.


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