5 things that make me happy

Not going to lie, this one may be a little harder to complete.

What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

  1. Obviously, the first thing is writing. Being able to grow every day and having these blogs to show that growth makes me happy in a quiet way. I don’t like to talk about it much because I’m afraid I’ll jinx it. But, this is my everything.
  2. The stars. No matter where I am, or what I’m feeling, the stars never fail to pull me back to the present moment. There have been plenty of times when I’ll drive home at night and sit in my car as long as possible before I go inside. When I finally do get out of my car, my eyes automatically shoot towards the sky, and if I’m lucky, the stars are looking back.
  3. If you’ve followed me long enough, you know what I’m going to say next…Lilly makes me happy. That dog is my absolute best friend. Life is going to be tricky without her. But, for now, I’m just going to focus on the happiness she brings me.
  4. Working out has become a huge part of my life. I’ve actually become addicted to it—and it’s the healthiest addiction I’ve ever had. I never thought I’d be this way. Because of it, I’m healthier, stronger, and more fit that I’ve ever been.
  5. Finally being able to say I know what I want out of life and having a general idea of how I’ll achieve it.

These weren’t the most in-depth answers; I can’t reveal all of my secrets. I’ll see you all later tonight!


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