my dream job

What is your dream job, and why?

I’ve never had a for-sure answer when asked this question. Obviously, as a kid, this is asked repeatedly throughout school. And I never knew what to say; I always gave an answer, but I never believed it. I can, however, give you an answer now. No, my dream job isn’t publishing hundreds of books—that’s too much pressure on my passion. My dream job is exploring everything the world has to offer while being able to tell others about it. In a way, that sounds like I want to get published, doesn’t it? But, I’m not going to phrase it that way. Why? Well it’s simple…I don’t want to.

Writing has always been a mystery to me. The way words flow through my mind and onto the paper has never fully made sense. I don’t know where all of it comes from. When I started my blog—150 posts ago—I was afraid to post daily. What if I ran out of ideas? There’s no way I can come up with content every day. After years of listening to those fears, I finally pushed passed them. Now look at me—I’ve been posting 98% of the days these last 6 months. So, as for my dream job, I want to take this whole writing thing to the next level. I don’t want to write for money; I want to write, period. And if the money comes, so be it.


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