5 passions

What are 5 passions you have?

Hmmm this one is going to be hard. I think passion is a strong word and I don’t like to use it lightly. 

1. Writing: let me start with the most obvious. I not only have writing as a passion, I also think it’s a part of my purpose. 

2. Working out: this is a passion I’ve recently discovered. It’s so fun to push myself past my limits and see incredible results. 

3. Making others smile: I feel like I’ve accomplished something when I make someone smile. Anytime I’m with someone I make it a goal to have them smiling before we go our separate ways. 

4. Traveling: this passion is going to be how my life is spent. I plan on taking full advantage of this world and exploring every piece of it I can. 

5. I can’t come up with another one: I won’t force myself to think of another passion. If I had one, it wouldn’t be so hard to think of. I only have four, I guess. 


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