please do this

I need a favor. My blogs are roughly five-hundred words long—and if you take your time reading them, that adds to about 5 minutes. So, for this last blog today I want you to take those 5 minutes normally spent reading this blog, and use them to instantly turn your day around. Open this site.

Set a timer for 5 minutes—seriously, it’s only five minutes and you won’t regret it. I can almost bet you’ll go back to that link more than once. After the time is set, start it and breathe in sync to the gif. After 30 seconds you should have the pace down pretty well; now, close your eyes and continue that same rhythm until the timer goes off.

I’m begging you… do not look over this. It may sound stupid, but it won’t seem so stupid after you do it. IF you don’t have time to do this now, or you’re not in comfortable space, save it and come back when you can.


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