10 pet peeves

Pet peeves are sometimes hard to talk about without sounding like a complete jerk. Oh well.

Describe 10 pet peeves you have:

  1. When someone complains about a thing, but has no plans to try and fix that thing.
  2. When someone goes into a room and leaves without shutting the door.
  3. People who stare.
  4. Hypocrites who know their hypocrites about ridiculous things.
  5. Constantly changing the radio station.
  6. Obviously, chewing with an open mouth.
  7. Getting touched without permission…especially my hair or face.
  8. Moving things around in a space that isn’t yours.
  9. When a person doesn’t understand the most simple response/question.
  10. People who start arguments just because.

I’m not that great at coming up with these things. I’ve been trying to teach myself not to dwell on them; so, this is the best I’m going to do.


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