a day in my life

Describe a typical day in your current life:

I’ve been putting off writing this all day because you’re not really in for anything that interesting. No day is the same because of what I do, but here you go anyway.

I wake up around 7:00am to take my brother to school. I bring a bottle of water and make sure I drink all of it before I get back home (I do my best to drink at least 75oz a day). Breakfast is the first thing on my mind when I get home. Sometimes I have appointments that make it difficult to plan around. If I have time I’ll make a couple scrambled eggs with spinach, and a smoothie on the side. Depending on the day, I’ll either workout before or after lunch; if I workout in the morning I’ll write after lunch, vice versa. So, for this blogs sake, I’ll plan on working out after lunch.

When I’m done eating breakfast I go down to my room and spend probably 1-2 hours reading quotes, short stories, anything to get my mind in the right place. That is how I decide what I’m going to write about each day. Everything I do is based off of feeling, like I’ve mentioned before. I know instantly what to write about when something I read strikes me a certain way. I make all the picture for my posts on my phone, then transfer them to my computer. There is an app on my phone I use—called Forest—that sets a timer and gives you the motivation to not touch your phone until the time is up. It grows a digital tree as the time passes, and if you back out of the app before it goes off, the tree dies. Coins come with every tree you grow; with enough coins you can actually plant a real tree somewhere in the world. It’s incredible. Anyway, I write my blog then chill out for awhile.

For lunch I’ve been eating a sweet potato, and a banana with some organic peanut butter. I wait about thirty-minutes then I workout (I think it’s a cool idea to write a blog that takes you through exactly what I do when I workout). That usually takes about 1 1/2 – 2 hours. By the time I’m done and cooled off, it’s almost 4:00pm, and I leave for work (if I work that day). I’m home by 9:00pm and usually find myself in bed the second I shower the smell of smoke away; the lady I work for smokes. Again, I’m either reading or watching some kind of inspirational video/show until I’m out. Somewhere in those last few hours I’ll fit dinner in…

Obviously, this all varies depending on the day. I’ve been posting 2 blogs every day; other days I have appointments, and some days I don’t work. You get the point, though. And I don’t need to go into detail about everything, seeming how you didn’t ask for a day in my life in the first place.


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