weapon of good

Sometimes the only cure hides within the darkness. Have you ever sat in a dark room—no music, no tv, no light, nothing—and just listened? If so, have you ever sat there long enough to hear that quiet ring that comes in the silence? When you think of dark, you’re mind almost instinctively goes to evil or dangerous. That’s just how our brains develop in this world. But, if you’re willing to think outside of the box, you may have a chance to see the other side of darkness—the side it tries protecting.

Everything has a defense mechanism; dogs have a growl, skunks have spray, snakes have a hiss, etc. Well, darkness has a mask. From the outside looking in you see a freaky clown, running around with a chainsaw. All you have to do is call that clowns bluff and a beautiful world is revealed before your eyes. It’s a world not many get the chance to see because the clown sends them in the opposite direction.

Once you’re able to get past the mask, you may have a little bit of a fear-factor that needs to be handled. With darkness comes vulnerability, with vulnerability comes truth, and with truth comes all of the things you’re afraid to see. And that’s what makes it so beautiful—you learn to listen. You learn give your deepest thoughts a chance; that strengthens you as a person. It puts you a step ahead of the pack, and it gives you a secret weapon that no one can measure up to…the darkness is your friend, and friends protect each other.


I felt like posting 3 blogs a day—two different times—was kind’ve a lot. So, I’m switching the schedule up. Normal blog in the morning, prompts in the evening…have a great day!

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