Mondays suck. I hate Mondays. Blah blah. I want speak about something that really bothers me; the bad-rep Mondays get and the bad mood they seem to put everyone in. I don’t understand it. There’s nothing special about this day, nothing out of the ordinary. It’s simply the beginning of a new work-week—it’s a fresh start. And everybody treats it like some virus. So, maybe you do feel a little drained after the weekend and couldn’t recover in time. That is your own fault, my friend. Friday and Saturday are reserved for doing whatever the hell you want, and unless you want to start your week off the wrong way, you need to keep the doing whatever the hell you want specific to those days.

The stereotype set around Mondays gives you an easy excuse to be a negative human for those twenty-four hours. Just stop. Forget the stereotype, forget being tired. Get up and make Monday a great day. While everyone else falls a step back, you can power through and take a few steps forward. The rest of your week will reflect the beginning of it. I promise, it doesn’t matter how you feel, trick yourself into thinking positive and you’ll sleep easy knowing you at least tried. Monday is a great day; in fact, every day is a great day to be better.


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