my 5 weaknesses

Describe 5 weaknesses you have:

  1. Let’s begin with a few words from Ed Sheeran’s Save Myself: “I gave all my oxygen to people who could breathe.” This lyric speaks to me on the highest level possible. I’ve talked about it before—I put everyone before myself, and it’s something I’m trying to fix. Because, honestly, I really need to save me right now.
  2. Opening my mouth when I shouldn’t. This one is a strength and a weakness. Sometimes people need to hear something they don’t want to. Hell, I even talk to myself about things I don’t need to be worried about at that specific time.
  3. Getting wrapped up in my own head. I’ve accepted that this is just a given—being that I have OCD/GAD/depression. However, it’s still a weakness when I keep myself up all night over an error I made on my blog the previous day. Small things shouldn’t cause loss of sleep, loss of concentration, or loss of the ability to live your life.
  4. I’m not a good planner. I’ve always been a person who took things second-by-second. This was because any thought of the future sent me into a panic attack. I’m a lot better with that now. Slowly, I’ve been teaching myself how to plan things out; make lists, use a calendar, etc.
  5. Too trusting. This is a killer. I’ve given so many people way too many chances. I have to stop holding on, the pain is a heavy backpack full of things I don’t need.


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