all in good time

Friends, today is a new day—a happy day. Why happy? Well, it’s simple…I understand, that despite all the reasons I have to be down or unmotivated, it’s ultimately my choice to be happy. No matter what.

I’ve been awake since 7am, and it’s now 12pm. You see, I could’ve posted a lot earlier than now. Instead, I spent the last 5-hours messing with my blog—trying to go through a different host, spending $200 dollars, simple things like that. After wanting to throw my computer across the room one-hundred times, I came to the conclusion that I just needed to get a refund and start again in a few days. It’s super annoying to know that I could’ve spent those 4-hours writing a longer post for you. However, it’s comforting to know that those 4-hours weren’t completely wasted; I learned quite a lot. As you may have been able to tell, by the tone of my recent posts, I’m pretty deep in thought about my future. I am in the process of figuring out what I can do now to make then a little better. This morning I happened to get a little closer to that goal. I know writing is going to be my future, and right now I need to take necessary steps to make that possible.

We all have dreams—places we wish to visit, people we hope to meet, goals we work to reach—but, not all of us fight for those things. There is a huge misconception that, if you want something, it can be obtained fast and easy by taking the right shortcuts. Shortcuts do not exist in the realm of dreams. There is one path, and one path only—the path of trial and error. I know how vague that is…I know. Failure is inevitable—that also makes growth inevitable. Through this process of trial and error, you will find the vision of your dreams looking much clearer. It won’t make things any easier, and it sure doesn’t mean failure is going to hide itself—if anything it will come out more often.

In my opinion, failure should be used as motivation to try again, it shouldn’t be used as a reason to stay down just to avoid running repeatedly into it. A life spent avoiding is not a life you’ll be proud of. Sure, it may be the safe option—the get-out-of-jail-free option—but, it’s not an option you even want to consider. In the end, all the failure, all the tears, and all the nights spent wondering if it was all worth it will be the best thing to look back on. Because, yes, you did that.


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