light of my world – part 1

We’ve all got a thing that lights our world when it comes in contact with us. Some of us get to wake up every day and call that thing our job, or simply a hobby. The one’s who aren’t lucky enough to do that may only see this thing once-a-year, once-a-month, or once in their whole life. I believe it’s up to you—ultimately, you make the decision to either shut that thing out or let it consume you with open arms. It sounds crazy, I know, who would slam the door in the face of the thing that brings them to a new level of life. On the other side, why wouldn’t you? It can be the scariest thing in the world to face your biggest passions; it’s so easy to let the pressure of it take away from its beauty. Feeling like you’ve found your purpose is cool, but what the hell do you do with it next?

Take it day-by-day. Simple.

You can’t change the world overnight. You can’t make something extraordinary in a day. You can’t use your passion to complete life’s purpose in a year. This is something you must spend your entire life doing if you want to live your best life. It’s scary, it’s hard, it’s exhausting, but it’s worth it. It’s so worth it.


I need to say more about this. A lot more. Part 2 soon.

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