my 5 greatest accomplishments

What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?

  1. By far, my greatest accomplishment is accepting writing into my life. I would have no idea what I’d be doing with my life if it weren’t for that—so, more than anything, I’m grateful I wasn’t a complete idiot.
  2. Putting my mind/body/soul on the top of my priority list. I’ve never felt this strong…ever. My instincts sharpened, I’m quicker on my feet, I’m more confident, I’m calmer, I’m just all around better.
  3. Learning to cope with my mental illness. I struggle with the placement of this accomplishment. Should it be up top? This was the hardest battle I’ve ever had to fight. It still is. I have zero idea what’s going on in my head half the time. The other half, I’m pretty much unstoppable. But, either way, I’m strong. And, unfortunately/fortunately I have my mental illness to thank for that.
  4. Graduating early has to come next. Simply, because I worked my tail off to finish when I did. The stress it caused, the anxiety attacks it brought on, and all the tears that left me were all worth it. Everything I’m doing now might not have ever happened had I not made that decision.
  5. Continuing on this path. The path of uncertainty. The path judged by others. The path that sets me free from the bars most people are stuck looking through—looking at me through. I won’t ever stray from this path.

All of these deserve to be #1. They are all just as important to me. I would still be stuck in hell if even one of these things didn’t happen. The best part….I’m just getting started.


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