First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I hope you are all having a relaxed and blessed day.

I didn’t post yesterday–I was really out of it. Like I didn’t even know which way was up. So, I made the decision to completely keep myself out of the loop. I spent minimal time on my phone and only looked at the tv to watch a soccer game. Other than that, I was unplugged. It wasn’t necessarily my choice, but it’s good to have days like that. Days where you don’t let the rest of the world in through your electronics.

I know how important cellphones are; you can see and get anything in the world just from this little device in your pocket. That’s soooo much, and it can really take a toll if you don’t set it aside every-so-often. Once you shut it off, it’s not too difficult to lose yourself in something else; read a book, write in a journal, color, paint, do a puzzle, play with pets, go outside with friends or siblings…there is so much for you to do outside the world of technology.

Whenever I need a break, I simply put my phone in do not disturb mode and turn my favorite music on (or sometimes I keep the music off, and let the silence in)–then I just sit there. Everything stands still around me and that allows me to process my thoughts at a slower pace. I am able to analyze my emotions, my day, and really just take in the way I feel about everything. The most common term for this is meditation. However, I think for some people, that word can be pretty intimidating; but, there’s no reason it should be.

With the world we live in, you need access to the internet and you need a phone of some sort. We need to remember that this phone doesn’t need to be attached to our hip at all times. Our eyes don’t need to be glued to its screen. We have to disconnect at some point and experience the things right in front of us. We have so much to explore, and so much to learn–if that device is always in your hands, it’s really going to get in the way of you living your life as full as you can.


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