you are weaker than you think

You are weaker than you think.

Your passions will not fulfill your life.

Stop trying so hard, your future isn’t that bright.

You can’t be great.

You want to travel? Well, you never will.

You are meant to be alone, no one will love you.

People always leave you—they always choose someone else.

You have no friends.

No one will ever understand you, stop trying to find someone that will.

You are not a writer.

Happiness isn’t an option for you.

Dreams will stay dreams.

All of this hurt you feel will never leave your side; it will always outweigh the good.

Stop pretending you know what you’re doing.

This is all a game that you are failing.

Depression is who you are.

Working out every day won’t change how you feel about yourself. Stop trying.

You have always been the weird kid.

People like you don’t get to live their dreams.

You’re not going to college? Be prepared to live a terrible life.

Everyone is constantly judging you—they all think you’re going nowhere.

You’re just another kid who graduated that is going to stay at home the rest of their life.

People won’t know your name.

Love isn’t real.

People are cruel.

The world isn’t as bright as you think.

The stars actually hold a piece of you.

The Universe doesn’t give a shit about you.

Destiny doesn’t exist.

Inspiration is a lie.

The odds of you getting published are so small.

Reading a book doesn’t actually take your pain away and inspire you.

You get told you’re good, but they only say it to make you feel better.

Nothing you write actually matters to anyone.

All of this effort you’re putting into your future is pointless.

You graduated early, that doesn’t mean anything. Everyone still thinks you took the easy way out.



Three-hundred words of doubt. Three-hundred words jumbled into the most terrifying thoughts I have daily—and I could have kept going. I’ve had these words stumbling through my mind since I first started pursuing the life I want for myself. Anyone who has ever chased a dream runs into this obstacle. We do our best to ignore them; to push them away and continue on our path. Sadly, a lot of us let these words paralyze our every move—leaving our dreams trapped in our mind, unable to break free.

For some reason, I woke up this morning and decided to embrace all of these thoughts. I refuse to accept them, but I listen to them. And that’s all anyone wants; to be heard. Now that I’ve gotten all of that off my chest, I can honestly say I feel better. I’ve been really down on myself lately, and not very happy with what I’ve been producing. Instead of dealing with it, I tried hiding it—that didn’t turn out so well. So, I invite you to do the same. Sit down and write all of your negative thoughts down; thoughts about your future, you, your life, your past, anything…just write it down. I suggest burning the paper after you’re done. Get rid of that shit for good (I know, I’m posting mine on the internet. But, don’t doubt that I’m writing it down to burn after I publish this). Those thoughts do deserve your attention, but they don’t need your acceptance or even your belief. Keep on fighting.


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