the power of process

The actions and opinions of others don’t have an influence on you. Nobody holds that kind of power over you except for you. Trust me, I know how hard it is to accept that. I know the feeling when you can’t help but be pissed at the actions of someone else, and you also can’t help but blame them for your anger—because they were the one who went wrong in the first place. Unfortunately, that’s not how this works. We are all fighting our own battles and having the option to project our anger onto someone else’s stupid decision takes the spotlight off of our issues. A sibling that does something in hopes of annoying you can’t actually annoy you if you don’t let them. You have the power to shut that feeling down before it takes control. Instead, laugh it off and watch them as they continue to waste their time trying to bother you.

We walk a fine line with this subject. It’s near impossible to always stay centered on the line; you’re continuously going to find yourself tipping back and forth. The difference between those who walk the line and those who don’t…well, the ones who don’t have no idea the line exists. They assume the power of their feelings and lives onto everyone around them—which makes it very hard to live a life of their own. Now, those of us who do walk the line, are not always on the line. The only difference is that we still know where the line is even when we’re off of it. And, when we are off, we aren’t ever off for very long.

However, there is another side to this. If someone has the ability to make you feel a certain way, that’s because you care, it’s because you allow yourself to be vulnerable around them. It hurts you to see them make—what you think are wrong—decisions. And that’s okay. It’s okay to feel something, but you can’t burden yourself with what they do. That’s not your job. You have to let it go. They have to learn their own lessons, and you have to live your own life and deal with your own problems. Things will happen however they happen—trust the process and believe in the outcome.


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