give love

As my dog, Lilly, gets older, I’m starting to have a better understanding how important our moments are. The tiniest things—like her yawn when she gets excited—will be the big things when she’s actually gone. It’s hard for her, but she’s starting to slow down. Every second I’m near her, I try to stay in the moment. We can’t lose those valuable seconds. I know that she is everything to me; I’m everything to her. And, unfortunately, one of us is going to be left alone—I can only assume it will be me. Once that does happen, I’ll have to learn to walk the earth knowing I don’t have her to come home to. I’ll have to figure out how to survive without her comfort when I’m crying.

This is something we have to accept. We are all born to die. But, we have the opportunity to make a huge impact on others, and in the world, while we live. Taking that for granted is a sad mistake. Taking your potential and throwing it away doesn’t only hurt you, it hurts everyone who could have been positively impacted by you. Everyone and everything deserves a fair shot. Give your love to the ones you feel need it; animals, people, cities, landmarks, art, etc.. In the end, not only will it help them, it will also strengthen you.


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