shut up, wake up

Alright. If I’m going to be honest, I don’t really feel like I have a lot of good luck coming my way right now. I’ve had better days. I’ve had better nights. All day long I’ve been in bed, dizzy with my head pounding; I wasn’t going to post. However, I haven’t been able to get the word perspective out of my mind. It’s such a tricky concept because everyone usually lands on the conclusion that their perspective is the right one. If you portray a situation as bad, then it’s bad, regardless if someone else sees good. And, I think, this is where it’s important to put yourself in another pair of shoes—try and see things in a different light. I believe every situation contains some good and some bad; it’s all based on who is looking at it and what angle they’re seeing it from. Even if the worst…the worst possible nightmare you’ve ever had becomes a reality, there can still be plenty of good found within that realm.

Let’s take grief and use it as an example. Grief is powerful, and scary, and deceiving. It forces you into hiding and gives you an excuse to disappear from everything that was normal before. But, grief is something you have to face head-on. There is no shortcut, no escape route. You have to push through, let all the feelings in, remember all the good times the subject of grief brought you. Take a step back, realize nothing lasts forever, understand how beautiful that is. If all else fails, burn this into your brain: They are gone, I am not. I am lucky enough to still be here—so, shut up, wake up, and earn the breath you’re able to take. 


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